Fact-checking the 15 most persistent nutrition myths

Nutrition is an important issue that affects us all. But do you sometimes feel that there is such a flood of information on the subject that you can hardly keep up? In this article, we debunk the 15 most persistent myths about diet.

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Does that hold water? A look at the most popular myths about staying hydrated

Sixty to 80 percent of the human body is made up of water. So it makes sense that it’s important to drink a lot of it. Keep reading to learn more about the myths surrounding our water needs and why excessive amounts of water can even be dangerous.

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Exercises that target your trouble zones – do they really work?

Beer belly, saddlebags, lunch-lady arms – every person has so-called problem areas where fat seems to accumulate more quickly. The fitness industry advertises products and exercises that claim to specifically target and get rid of these fat deposits. But these promises unfortunately have little to do with the reality. It may be advisable to tailor your exercise program to focus on the desired areas, but the problematic flab will not be specifically reduced. You cannot choose which fat to target with your workout – it’s mostly genetic predisposition that determines where fat will be stored or burned first. But it’s still possible to strengthen and sculpt specific areas of your body. Keep reading to find out how – and what the different problem areas actually mean.

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Charlotte Kuhrt steht für Selbstliebe und Body Positivity.

Charlotte Kuhrt in an interview with FiTS about beauty, working out and doubting yourself

Regardless of whether the trend is “Thigh Gap” or “Bikini Bridge” – society is constantly conveying an extremely skinny and well-toned ideal image of beauty. This image, as it is constantly suggested by advertisements, is not only unrealistic, but above all unhealthy. It is nice to see, that the number of counter movements to these unhealthy trends is constantly growing. A tremendous example for this is Charlotte Kuhn. The blogger advocates body positivity and self-love. Her Instagram account shows her looking healthy and gorgeous in a size 46. We met her to have a chat about beauty, working out and doubting yourself.

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Eating enough to be full without exceeding your daily limit – is that even an option?

Those who tend to put on pounds may have the feeling that they just can't eat enough to satisfy their hunger but still slim down. And depending on the food in question, that may be true.

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