Regardless of whether the trend is “Thigh Gap” or “Bikini Bridge” – society is constantly conveying an extremely skinny and well-toned ideal image of beauty. This image, as it is constantly suggested by advertisements, is not only unrealistic, but above all unhealthy. It is nice to see, that the number of counter movements to these unhealthy trends is constantly growing. A tremendous example for this is Charlotte Kuhn. The blogger advocates body positivity and self-love. Her Instagram account shows her looking healthy and gorgeous in a size 46. We met her to have a chat about beauty, working out and doubting yourself.

FiTS: How did you get into blogging?

Charlotte: A few good girl friends of mine already had successful Instagram accounts and they encouraged me to spread my message on the platform. Back then I was only starting to realize that I may and should love myself, even though I don´t wear a size 36. I started my account and blog called “beautynotsize” in order to inspire women to accept their personal body shapes and be more daring when it comes to fashion.

FiTS: What does beauty mean to you?

Charlotte: For me, a beautiful person is someone who´s completely at peace with themselves. They automatically radiate this satisfaction and come across as incredibly calm and confident at the same time.

 FiTS: Are there a lot of stereotypes working against you in the model and fitness industry?

Charlotte: The model business is and always will be a tough one. Agencies are constantly trying to squish you into the perfect measurements or to change you to make you work more efficiently. I am glad that, thanks to my Instagram account, modelling isn´t my full-time job, which means I don´t have to give in to the pressure of the business. In the fitness industry there is still this anchored image of the „perfect body“. Especially women often don´t understand that someone my size works out without having the primary goal of losing weight.

FiTS: Do you occasionally like to be provocative on your Instagram page?

Charlotte: Inadvertently yes. I think everyone who doesn´t conform to the norm or represent a certain opinion, provokes with their posts by announcing their opinions in a public sphere. Most people´s mindsets can´t really be changed without deliberate provocation.

FiTS: What kind of significance do sports/fitness/a healthy lifestyle have for you?

Charlotte: Leading a healthy lifestyle and being mindful of my diet and workout routine is important to me. Nevertheless, it has become the most important to make all of this happen in a balanced way, without any pressure. I give myself the option to eat what I want to eat or not work out at all for a week, if I don´t feel like it. I think our body signalizes us what we need and what´s good for us very well, we only need to listen more closely and be more aware of it.

FiTS: Are any excercises difficult for you?

Charlotte: Planks are still very difficult for me, but I still include them in my workout routine every time and rejoice over every second I´m able to hold them longer.

FiTS: What does „being fit“ mean to you personally?

Charlotte: I think it´s admirable when people are physically able to run a marathon or practice high-performance sport. There are always going to be people who are fitter than oneself and this is very important, since the fitness level isn´t primarily crucial to me. I want to be able to keep up with activities such as climbing, hiking, etc. despite my weight and live in a healthy and active body.

FiTS: How do you keep yourself fit?

Charlotte: I´m on the road a lot but I still try to slide in 2-3 workout sessions a week, doesn´t matter if it´s with a personal trainer or FiTS, if it´s an hour or just 20 minutes, somehow it always works out. Moreover, I like doing yoga to compensate my stressful daily routine.

FiTS: How do you motivate yourself to work out on a regular basis?

Charlotte: Every time I don´t work out for a longer period of time, I notice how uncomfortable it makes me feel. One doesn´t gain weight from not working out for 2 weeks straight, but I simply feel better and more confident if I work out regularly. Solely that feeling motivates me anew every time and brings me back to my routine.

FiTS: Have you ever tried dieting?

Charlotte: I think almost every woman has let herself get carried away trying a diet. For years I was driven by the thought that I need to get skinnier and my behaviour towards food was very unhealthy after many different diets and ways of nutrition. As I already mentioned, I try to listen to my body these days. Being more aware and intuitive of my eating patterns has helped me get back to a more normal way of eating.

 FiTS: Everybody struggles with self-doubts sometimes. Do you have any tips on feeling more confident and sexy?

Charlotte: To treat your body right is the essential thing. It´s important to not only feed it with food and movement, but also with positive thoughts. To not limit yourself or to let images of society force you into a corner. We always hold onto the thought that we as curvy women can´t be fit or can´t wear this or that outfit. We need to break this compartmentalized thinking, in fashion as well as in our daily lifes. To be brave once in a while is what makes you confident. Even online we need to change our way of viewing things and following a specific type of women. That´s how you learn to love your own flaws.

FiTS: Is there any other advice you can give readers who struggle with working out regularly or want to lead a healthier lifestyle?

Charlotte: Do it all at your own pace! And aim for realistic goals! It won´t be of any use to change your entire life over night and to have an unrealistic body image as a role model. Your first step is to begin and try to enjoy the amazing feeling of moving more every day.