Does that sound familiar: after work you constantly feel tired and don´t want to workout. Here are some tipps on how to motivate yourself.

Forget all-or-nothing thinking

It is tempting to think that things are black or white: that you either succeed or fail, that you should do things perfectly or not at all, that you are very fit or not at all, that you either eat properly or give in to all your cravings. Reality offers so many stages in between.

All-or-nothing thinking is related to setbacks and yo-yo effects. Why? It could for example make you think that missing one workout is reason enough to give it up completely. This kind of thinking doesn’t apply to reality, and won’t get you anywhere. So it is very counterproductive.

If the examples above sound familiar to you, try to get rid of these thinking patterns. The first step is to become aware of them. Try to catch yourself, whenever you have one of these all-or nothing-thoughts. Then STOP – and prove yourself that one bad day is not worth giving up a great project.

Surround yourself with like-minded people

You might find it much easier to keep your fitness routine up when you are surrounded with people who want to too.
Your social environment can have a significant effect on your behavior, values and choices. It is much easier to go “mainstream” and make similar choices to others than to fight against the influence of other people in your daily life.

So if you are looking for a behavior change, also start looking for new people. Hang around with the exercise enthusiasts and see who goes jogging on their lunch break! Keep this in mind with eating as well: seeing and smelling fatty or sugary foods will make difficult to stick to your healthy diet!

Self-control is a limited resource

And that means it can be depleted if we use too much of it. So, how can you be more efficient on it?

Having to force yourself to do a workout will consume a lot of self-control, whereas if you enjoy exercising, you will only need a fraction of those resources. So it’s definitely worth spending some time to find the exercises that suit you.

What happens if you run out of self-control?

Overeating or extreme passiveness can be the consequence. But what can you do about it?

If you put too many limitations on yourself, you are very likely to do the exact things you don’t allow yourself. Some people ravenously overeat, while others become couch potatoes who just can’t be bothered to do anything.

If something similar happens to you, it means there’s room to improve your energy management. Find a way to enjoy the things you do, and then they won’t drain your self-control anymore.

When it comes to getting exercise, it’s definitely worth spending some time finding the exercises that are right for you.

And just in case: you decide on Monday to do all your workouts this week. Suddenly, the week is almost over, and you haven’t been very active yet. There’s maybe time for one workout, but certainly not for the complete training plan.

We know: the emotions that come up when you “lapse” are not pleasant, and you might feel that you are going in circles instead of reaching your goal. The good news is that the circles are spiraling upwards.

Most successful self-changers need to go through the spiral of contemplating, preparing and starting action several times before they succeed in making more fitness into a permanent habit.

So, don´t give up. Keep trying, and your chances of succeeding will increase!