Following the successful release of the Android version of FiTS in December 2017, the excitement started to grow again in our team at the beginning of February 2018. Our second “baby” – the iOS version – was about to be launched. After we rigorously tested the app during a joint #wirfitsen session, it was time for the big day, February 15. FiTS has been available in the App Store ever since then.

We have taken this small milestone as an occasion to look back at how the app has evolved. Many things have changed since its release in February 2018. In these twelve months, we have updated the app 36 times – which means that there was something new to discover approximately every 10 days. Since that’s quite a lot, today we’d like to share our five favorite developments from the first year of FiTS for iOS.

Keep using FiTS free of charge after the trial period

In addition to the premium version, since June a basic version of FiTS has been available to use free of charge even after the trial period runs out. This means that you can continue to train with your customized workout put together from a selection of 150 exercises, accompanied in real time by video and audio instructions, and take part in regular challenges. Of course some features are still reserved for our premium users. You can also give feedback for each exercise, swap out individual exercises within a workout, read our many exclusive articles, or try delicious recipes.

More flexibility for your workout – swapping out exercises

You all kept telling us that you think it’s important to be able to customize the exercises that make up a workout. Because we value your feedback, in July we rolled out this frequently requested function. Since then, an exercise can be replaced by a suitable alternative. All alternatives listed for an exercise focus on the same region of the body and have a similar level of difficulty. So the consistency of the workouts is maintained even after exercises have been switched.

Yummy! Delicious recipes from FOODBOOM

In summer we also surprised you with a taste sensation – since August tasty and healthy recipes from our partner FOODBOOM have been regularly appearing in the personal FiTS feed. The recipes are presented in entertaining short videos and always provide new inspirations for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a healthy snack.

Revamped and detailed workout feedback

One of our major projects in 2018 was feedback for the workouts. We started in September by completely revamping of the existing workout feedback function to make it more intuitive and entertaining. In October we added the option of giving feedback for individual exercises so that the entire workout could be customized even more individually. If the workout as a whole was too easy, for example, but one exercise within the workout was too hard, you can let us know and we will adapt your next workout accordingly. We continued our improvement streak in November, enhancing the detailed feedback function by making it possible to mark your favorite exercises so that they continue to be included in all upcoming workouts.

The last change came at the start of the new year. The feedback flow is now rounded off by a small token of success – the total number of completed workouts is shown.

Flexible configuration of exercise routine

To finish off the year, in December we made your exercise routines even more flexible. Since then, it has been easier for you to tailor your routine more closely to your needs by changing the length or the frequency of your workouts. This makes it possible to adapt your workouts perfectly to your daily routine – whether it’s a 10-minute workout every day or a one-hour workout once a week, you can simply exercise as often and as long as you’d like.